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Tempo Training For Better Results.

Tempo training one of the best training tools we could use when it comes to developing our athletic potential.

Tempo training is when we control the speed at which a rep is performed, to help a certain aspect of training or the movement you are performing.

As shown in the picture it will be written as so 5,0,1,0 depending on what tempo we want to apply to the rep.

  • The Fist Number (5) is the eccentric section of the rep or the lowering section e,g the down part of the squat.

  • The Second Number (0) is the pause in the movement e.g Top of the pull-up or bottom of the squat.

  • The Third Number (1) is the concentric section of the lift or the lift section of the movement e,g the press of a dip or the standing part of a squat

  • The Fourth Number (0) is the pause between reps.

One of my favourite uses for tempos is when people have limited equipment for example If you have a pair of single weight dumbbells and a usual set of 10-15 reps just doesn’t cut it anymore we can add a tempo of 3,2,1,0.

  • 3 Seconds down to the bottom of the squat.

  • 2 Second pause in the bottom of the squat.

  • 1 Second Fast drive out of the bottom of the squat.

  • 0 Second pause between reps

This adds an extra degree of difficulty to our set of 10 taking it from a 20-30s set to up to a 60s set and now our single weight dumbbells have taken on a greater versatility for our training.

Tempos are also extremely useful for,

  • Building greater time under tension, which is key to muscle building.

  • Can highlight and help fix sticking point in our lifts.

  • Slower eccentric (down part of the Movement) better help build strength.

  • Fast concentric (up or lift part of the movement) are good for building explosive power.

  • A controlled rep also improves the quality of movement and reduces the risk of injury.

And that is tempo training, in a nutshell, give it a try and if you have any question feel free to drop us a message at


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