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Rep Ranges To Develop The Athlete

Rep Ranges To Develop The Athlete

When it comes to Rep, Sets and Load prescriptions we have 5 main aspects we can work to help push our Athletic potential.

  • Hypertrophy (Muscle Building)

  • Base Strength

  • Power

  • Speed

  • Muscular Endurance

If we wish to keep progressing we cannot focus on just one aspect alone we need to work on all of them, whether this is in a liner block form

  • eg 4 Weeks Hypertrophy, 4 weeks Strength, 4 Weeks Power.

Or in a Mixed undulating fashion

  • e,g 6 Weeks Hypertrophy/Strength, 6 Weeks Strength/Power, 6 Weeks Power/Speed.

These are just a couple of examples of the methods you can use and as long there is a progressive structure you are only limited by your imagination.

Whichever method we choose we also have to considered Sets, Reps and Load prescriptions to keep in mind.

The way and when we use and mix these aspects will depend on a wide variety of factors from the type of athlete, the sport, whether the athlete is in pre, post or midseason and any deficiencies testing highlights just to name a few.

But also the different range can be used just to keep training interesting.

If you have questions on reps ranges drop us a message and also remember to check out our free downloads in the link below.


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