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Designed with the recreational athlete in mind that wants the very best out of their training in as little time. 

The Develop Programm is designed to help the everyday recreational athlete or gym goer reach that next level of performance with a time-conscious training plan with the aim for each session to last 60-90 Minutes.


The program is laid out in 8-12 week blocks depending on what the focus of the block is and how long some progressions will need.


As I have mentioned each block will have a focus, will start with a test week and finish with a retest week so you have something to work towards over the weeks.

Example Test Week.

  • Strength

    • Back Squat 5Rm

    • Max Unbroken Max Rep Strict Pull up 

  • Endurance

    • 5k Run/Row

  • Conditioning Wod

    • 8 Rounds

10 Thrusters @40% of 1 Rm Push Press

10 Burpee over the bar


Then retest before the next block.

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Here’s a little rundown on the program details,

  • 4 Main workouts per week.​​

  • 3 Optional Endurance focused workouts.

  • 1 Accessory Circuit.

  • 8-12 week blocks.

  • The program is delivered weekly through the app.

  • Access to plug and play weakness 4-8 week supplement programs.

  • Access to our private Facebook group.

  • Basic Nutrition education.

  • App access.

All for £20 per month

that is around 60p per day or 80p per class

Don't just take our word for it.

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