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Carb cycling and fat loss.

Carb cycling and fat loss.

First of all, we have to understand what carb cycling is.

Carb cycling is a diet protocol primarily used for losing body fat, where we would vary the amount of carbs we consume on a day, week, or monthly biases.

This can be done in many ways,

Whether it is day by day with 2 days on low carbs, 2 days on high carbs or even 3 days on low carbs, 2 days on moderate carbs, 1 day on high carbs the actual split is only as complicated as you make it.

Regardless of the cycle you use the aim is the same, to elicit a calorie deficit through the limiting of carbs and in the process calories.

For example for those among us that track our calories, if my maintenance calories are set at 2497 per day with a rough split of.

Cabs 250g = 1000 Cals

Protein 219g = 876 Cals

Fats 69g = 621 Cals

We will call this our “High Carb” day.

Our “Low Carb” would look a bit like this

Cabs 125g = 500 Cals

Protein 219g = 876 Cals

Fats 69g = 621 Cals

Total Cals = 1997 (500 Cal deficit)

So over the course of a week, it would look a little like this

Monday Low Carb, 1997 Cal

Tuesday Low Carb, 1997 Cal

Wednesday High Carb, 2497 Cal

Thursday Low Carb, 1997 Cal

Friday Low Carb, 1997 Cal

Saturday Low Carb, 1997 Cal

Sunday High Carb, 2497 Cal

The above week would result in a 2500 cal deficit and fat loss.

And that’s as complicated as it needs to be.

The big advantage to carb cycling when it comes to fat loss is that it's fairly simple as the above example shows we can simply have 2 days where we would eat carbs and the other 5 days we would not and that is as complicated as it needs to be.

So as we can see Carb cycling can be a very easy and effective way to lose a bit of body fat while still staying sane in the process and still being able to eat a variety of food we would usually have to remove.

If you have any further questions on this or any other subject please feel free to drop us a message and we would be happy to answer.

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