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How to improve your Rowing Stroke.

A effective rowing technic is the best way to get the most out of your rowing.

There are many fault that can be picked up on a inefficient stroke.

But below we have focused on getting the most out of your stroke on the rower.

Position 1

Start Position

Arms Straight, Shoulders tight, Legs Bent, Upper Body, Leaning forward, With shoulder in front of the hips

Position 2

Leg Extension

While Maintaining a slight lean forward, Keeping the arms long, With the legs press away from the rower through the heels.

Position 3

The Lean Back

Maintain the position of the legs and arms, Lean back taking the upper body from a 2 o'clock to a 10 o'clock position

Position 4


With legs locked out, Upper body lent back,Pull the elbows backwards, Bring the handle to just below the rib cage.

Once this sequence is complete reverse the steps and go again.

Keeping in mind the following sequence.


Have a go and see what you think 😁🚣‍♂️

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